Highly Customized, Individual Portfolio Management

Insights developed from an integrated, multi-faceted team ensure every portfolio is built to meet client preferences.

Investment Management

Strategy Development

It Starts with a Strategy

We spend significant time to understand you and your family, your lifestyle, financial goals and risk tolerances. We evaluate your current portfolio while identifying areas of concern and opportunity.

Optimizing Return Potential

With this foundation, we apply our global market and asset class expectations. These views are driven by our long-term strategic macro-economic analysis in conjunction with our current market outlook.

The result is a holistic investment strategy that optimizes your return potential while keeping within the risk parameters that are comfortable for you.

Global Asset Allocation

More Worldly Asset Allocation

The asset allocation of your portfolio is one of the key drivers of overall performance and risk. We use forward-looking and back-tested methodologies to guide our recommendations.

Extensive Research and Expertise

In addition to Fiduciary Trust’s in-house research, our views are supported by the extensive research and perspective of Franklin Templeton’s global strategists.

Security Selection & Research

Deep Resources, Deep Insights

Our portfolio managers invest across all asset classes, sectors and industries. We leverage the extensive global resources and capabilities of Franklin Templeton, including global macro-economic insights and deep analytics on thousands of companies.

Collaboration and Cross-Organizational Idea Sharing

Our collaborative culture fosters cross-organizational idea sharing, enabling us to apply our firm-wide strategic insights and broad equity research resources to every portfolio.

Manager Selection & Monitoring

Strategic Advisory Services

Our Strategic Advisory Services group provides investment advice to institutions, endowments, personal foundations and other clients that require additional manager diversification or asset class exposure. Our advice spans from dynamic asset allocation recommendations to a full spectrum of third-party manager solutions.

Identifying Best in Class Managers

We perform objective research to identify outside managers we believe are best-in-class within the parameters we are seeking for your portfolio. These are managers who have the ability, in our view, to likely deliver expected results consistently over time.

Active Due Diligence and Monitoring

Your investments are actively monitored. We continually evaluate the risk exposure of the assets in the underlying portfolios to help ensure risk remains in line with your expectations.

Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis, Management, Vigilance

Our investment management process includes disciplined risk management and due diligence—seeking to ensure that risks are recognized and rational, and have the potential to be rewarded.

Extensive Oversight

Portfolio reviews are conducted by Fiduciary Trust senior leaders on a regular basis. These extensive reviews are designed to confirm that portfolios are being managed in accordance with your objectives, as well as within the parameters of the trust instruments in which the assets may be held.


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