Putting First Things First

These days when it comes to estate planning, it’s easy for technical solutions to get ahead of your values. Diane Tom highlights potential pitfalls and the value of thoughtful, important conversations.

04.01.2017 - Fiduciary Trust Canada

Putting First Things First

Ask Diane Tom about estate planning and you get a straightforward response: “In a world teeming with technically focused information and expertise, it is easy to put the cart before the horse.” Given the complexities and responsibilities of managing wealth these days, we asked the Vice President, Personal Trust Services, to share her thinking on helping individuals and families put things in better order for future generations.

Q: How does estate planning sometimes get turned around?

Diane Tom:  Clearly, a comprehensive estate plan cannot be completed without focusing on financial and tangible goals. It is critical to determine who is going to receive what, when and how. There is a world of technical resources at your fingertips—articles and advice dealing with everything from minimizing estate expenses by using multiple wills and named beneficiaries on registered retirement accounts, to implementing multijurisdictional tax-planning strategies, and beyond.



Estate Planning: The Power of One

04.14.2017 Fiduciary Trust Canada

Single person households face unique considerations and opportunities when estate planning and putting instruments such as power(s) of attorney and health care directives in place. Discover how planning with this in mind unlocks a powerfully positive difference.

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Young Adults Vulnerable Without Estate Plan

01.01.2017 Thomas E. Junkin, Senior Vice President, Personal Trust Services and Operations

Research is confirming our experience that an astonishing number of younger adults and families are without a will. We look at the distinct estate planning needs of younger generations.

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