An All Together Powerful Option

Learn about a power of attorney option that can help lighten the load for everyone.

04.02.2015 - Fiduciary Trust Canada

An All Together Powerful Option

 “Mom and Dad are doing pretty well all things considered, but it’s getting increasingly difficult to provide them with all the various forms of support they need. We’re concerned about them and they worry about being a burden. It’s a challenging and time consuming situation for all of us.” Whether in casual conversation, or in meetings with clients, we hear that kind of comment more and more these days as: • Families are scattered across the country and around the world. • Adult children are juggling their own family and work responsibilities. • Complex healthcare and financial issues emerge. • People do not have the appropriate combination of interest, skills, knowledge and temperament to manage the full range of another person’s affairs.




Experience Shapes Successful Trusts

06.01.2015 Thomas E. Junkin, Senior Vice President, Personal Trust Services

At times, trust intentions and practical realities are mismatched. It takes experience to identify potential trouble spots. Read about situations that highlight the gaps and how to close them so a better future unfolds.

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The Special Needs of Sibling Support

04.01.2014 Thomas E. Junkin, Senior Vice President, Personal Trust Services

Experience and research tell us the concerns of siblings who care for a disabled brother or sister are often overlooked. We highlight how parents and siblings can create a strong succession plan.

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