The Art of Business and Passion

Fine art is a passion and a global business. We look at the tectonic shifts underway in that world and what changing markets mean for buyers.


The Art of Business and Passion

Last year’s “market was solid and resilient despite global economic and political uncertainty…some of the speculative froth came off the top of the market, easing fears that a bubble would burst…the market has bottomed out.”   

If this sounds like another market commentary, you are right. Except the focus is on fine art. In the face of rising nationalism, this market remains a truly global affair. “Not since the Dutch golden age has art been such big business.”



Powering the Future

04.01.2017 Kevin McLachlan, Vice President, Portfolio Manager

Batteries are indispensible in today’s world. They’re also expected to play a leading role in the “next big thing.” Get a glimpse of the developments underway.

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Tracking Time in the United States

04.01.2017 David Cieslowski, Vice President, Private Wealth Counselor

How the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and you track length of stay may not align. See why the 180-day rule of thumb may not protect you from potential tax.

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