Staying Ahead of Shifting Risk

Kevin McLachlan highlights how changing markets and life circumstances make portfolio rebalancing a priority for us, and we believe, for you too.

04.14.2017 - Kevin McLachlan, Vice President, Portfolio Manager

Staying Ahead of Shifting Risk

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein

Einstein hardly had investing in mind when he coined these words; but they’re certainly applicable to managing a portfolio. Your target or strategic asset allocation—the division of assets among investments such as fixed income and equities—is critical to achieving long-term return objectives and managing portfolio risk. As markets change, different asset classes experience different rates of return and, over time, an asset allocation will drift from its target.

That’s why rebalancing—selling some of the asset class that has appreciated more and purchasing some of the asset class that has appreciated less, or has declined in value— is practised here at Fiduciary Trust Canada. Strategic rebalancing brings your portfolio back into line with its original asset allocation.



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