New Website Designed With You In Mind

Watch for our new website and related email. Sign-up and take full of advantage of the valuable information that will be at your fingertips.

12.20.2019 - Fiduciary Trust Canada

Visit in the coming weeks and you’ll discover an enhanced world of information at your fingertips. This fall, you’ll also receive an email providing simple sign-up directions so you can take full advantage of this resource. Here are just some of the new features:

  • Access multiple accounts with ease.
  • View portfolio details, including your account balance, activity, holdings and performance.
  • Discover one easy spot to review current and past statements.
  • Enjoy reading material designed to be transparent, engaging and current.
  • Source the latest commentary from portfolio managers close to home and around the world.
  • Send messages and share documents with your portfolio manager in a secure setting.
  • Choose English or French for all portal content.

Fiduciary Trust Canada’s new client and advisor website delivers straightforward, streamlined access to everything you need regarding your accounts with us. We recognize life is busy and so our focus is on making things easier and faster for you. While we’re committed to making ongoing enhancements to the website, know that in-person meetings and phone conversations remain critical to working with your family and you. We always welcome feedback on how to improve our service.






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