Keeping Pace with Change

As COVID-19 drives change that’s influencing your ways and our wealth management views, one constant remains: We’re here to work with you.

08.17.2020 - Duane W. Green, President, Chief Executive Officer

Summer is here. Berries ripening, flowers blooming, barbecues gently smoking—all welcome signs of life ambling ahead, albeit with serious strings attached. Taking care of yourself and others through social distancing, wearing a mask and handwashing are important and familiar practices now. We hope your family and you remain safe and healthy.

Since our last edition, we’ve adapted to having COVID-19 in our midst. The pandemic has driven change that’s influencing your ways and our wealth management views. For instance, turn to Information Technology Stocks: What’s Next? where Jonathan Curtis shares insights on how everyone’s online life of recent months is accelerating the pace of digital change. What does it mean for mega Information Technology stocks such as Apple, Amazon and Microsoft? What of new and emerging investment opportunities? With decades of sector experience and his proximity to Silicon Valley, we think you’ll find Jonathan’s comments worthwhile.

In Where There’s A Will There’s A Way, Thomas Junkin highlights the seismic change in estate planning shaped by pandemic realities. For example, only recently have people been able to sign wills virtually. That may seem like a small switch but, in fact, it’s a substantial development.

We’ve also heard the human call for real change in the way we live and work with each other. Voices worldwide have spotlighted the need for action against systemic racism, discrimination and inequality. As a member of the Franklin Templeton group of companies, Fiduciary Trust Canada stands firmly against the pain and loss prompted by such practices. Inclusivity has long been a core value and priority for this firm. It’s one we continue to build on daily in both small and significant ways.

Throughout these times, we remain focused on our mandate of preserving and growing your wealth. See Ian Riach’s Equities Bounce Back In Second Quarter and Scott Guitard’s Market Turnaround Raises Questions. Together, they provide a window on our thinking, performance and plans for moving forward.

As life with COVID-19 unfolds, like you, we’ll adapt to shifting circumstances. However, an important constant remains: We are here to work with you— answering a question, helping with change, discussing new possibilities. In the meantime, we wish you the best of summer, whatever shape that may take. We look forward to reconnecting in the fall.

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