A Closer Look at Europe

See their specialized views on the region’s distinct character and ways to capture potential upside performance in 2019.


A Closer Look at Europe

“Perception is a guess or estimate of what is ‘out there’ depending on how we read the clues….”1 When it comes to investing in Europe in 2019, we’ve left guessing far behind, turning to fixed income and equity experts who know the facts, character and nuances of the region. David Zahn and Katrina Dudley talk about what lies ahead, what’s important to know as the year unfolds.

Q: What’s your sense of the current investment environment?

David Zahn: From a fixed income perspective, this is an interesting time as compared to the last few years where it’s been quite difficult to make money in European fixed income. Over the next 12 to 18 months, investors will have to be careful, but I do think there will be opportunities for positive returns. It’s worth reminding Canadian investors that Europe’s fixed income landscape is incredibly varied, offering considerably more opportunity within the space than you’d expect from a normal fixed income market.

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Forecasting Weather of a Different Kind

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