Why a Trust?

Whether overlooked or newly minted, problems can spark talk about establishing a trust. See how a trust can help now, and with future-focused estate planning.

01.30.2018 - David Cieslowski, Vice President, Private Wealth Counselor

Why a Trust?

Regardless of where families are in the estate planning process, issues can emerge—having been overlooked, underestimated or newly minted by life’s changes. At times, concerns spark a conversation about establishing a trust

The very mention of the word, trust, causes a couple of common reactions. People narrow their focus to tax planning or envision blowing dust off an archaic tome. The federal government and Canada Revenue Agency measures of 2016 significantly eroded the broad tax benefits of testamentary and other types of trusts. While some worthy tax considerations remain, they’re just part of the conversation about how trusts can help address modern and future-focused estate planning.



Federal Budget 2018

03.05.2018 David Cieslowski, Vice President, Private Wealth Counselor

Feb 27th 2018, Mr. Trudeau's Liberal government tabled its third budget.

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Investing in this New Year

01.30.2018 Duane W. Green, President, Chief Executive Officer

Building on the momentum of 2017, this New Year marks the next step on a long-term path with our clients and for our firm. Discover our Perspective on what lies ahead.

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