Wheels Spinning Worldwide Counsellor

Amsterdam, 1965, and urban activists launch the first urban bike-sharing project. It flopped. Today bike-sharing is a booming global business. Find out why.

04.30.2018 - Fiduciary Trust Canada

Wheels Spinning Worldwide Counsellor

In 1965, a small group of urban activists in Amsterdam painted dozens of bicycles white and placed them throughout the city, unlocked, for anyone to use. Their aim: Shake things up and help address “pollution and consumerism.” Though the Witte Fietsenplan (white bicycle plan) flopped due to vandalism and theft, it left its mark as the “first urban bike-sharing concept in history.” Fast-forward and today, urban bike sharing is a booming worldwide business. Names like Mobike, LimeBike, U-bicycle, Spin and ofo are some of the players attracting riders and investors alike in a dynamic, competitive market.

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