Real Life Isn’t Always Tidy

This Perspective reflects the expertise and capabilities you have in your corner when life doesn’t go in a straight line.

01.29.2019 - Duane W. Green, President, Chief Executive Officer

Real Life Isn’t Always Tidy

Duane W. Green

There’s a small story at the end of this edition that talks about a big new way of travelling the world. Slip on virtual reality goggles and you can head, for instance, to the summit of Mount Everest, step by step with snow swirling and the wind howling. You can “be there” without the traditional risk, expertise, cost or discomfort.

Reading Sunjay Kaushal’s article, I was amazed by how advancing technology is opening the doors to exciting adventures, typically beyond many people’s reach. I was also struck by how neat and tidy the virtual world can be—sitting in the comfort of one’s armchair while standing at the top of the world. In my experience, real life, for better or worse, is messy.

For instance, in A Bumpy Ride to the Finish Line, Ian Riach takes us through the fourth quarter market correction, where volatility created an unsettling time while unlocking investment opportunities well-suited to our active management approach.

Our Round Table focuses on Europe, where turbulent politics and policy take centre stage. David Zahn in London and Katrina Dudley in New Jersey share their views on that region’s distinct character and ways to capture potential upside performance in 2019. Their knowledge is based on specialization and on-the-ground experience. Read A Closer Look at Europe.

In High Housing Prices Throw Estate Plans Off Balance, David Cieslowski explains why it’s important to revisit the traditional way of passing your family home to the next generation. Now’s the time to help avoid future disputes.

See Making the Best of an Arranged Relationship, where Thomas Junkin delves into the unique link between trustee and beneficiary, involving a mix of judgment, communication and legal discipline. He highlights some steps that can help address tension points before, and as, they arise.

I believe a critical advantage in real life is that—knowing things won’t always go in a straight line—you get to choose the people and expertise you want in your corner during the good times, the tough times, the confusing times.

We thank you for making the Fiduciary Trust Canada team part of your big plans and day-to-day decision making. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your family and look forward to seeing you over the course of 2019.

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