Quiet, Quality Work Drives Results

Behind-the-scenes high-quality research and analysis help us provide the solutions and performance you expect of us.

04.30.2018 - Duane W. Green, President, Chief Executive Officer

Quiet, Quality Work Drives Results

I think an important link in our long-term relationships with clients frequently fades into the background. It’s the quality of research and analysis so fundamental to everything we do. We’ll occasionally highlight investment insights and research from our managers around the world—expertise we regularly draw upon.

However, we want you to know about the behind-the-scenes daily, disciplined, unglamorous work that quietly helps us provide the solutions and performance you expect of us. You’ll see glimpses throughout this edition of Perspective.

For instance, first quarter equity market volatility made it clear the historically low levels of 2017 were here for a good time, not a long, long time. In his market commentary, Ian Riach highlights how a mix of investors betting on volatility remaining low likely contributed to the February spike, an intraday high unseen since the 2008 financial crisis. Read Volatility Marks Changing Weather for Investors.

You’ll see how research and analysis support decisions to assume a contrary position that reaps results. Read Digging for Opportunity in Canadian Corporate Bonds, where Thomas O’Gorman and Adrienne Young talk about investing in the Energy sector when others shied away. They share their views on the current state of the Canadian corporate bond market.

Creating a secure financial future for a child/grandchild with disabilities is a deep concern for families. Thomas Junkin’s description of available options is backed by years of research and experience in how complex pieces fit together in effective estate planning. Read Estate Planning: The Shared Concern for Children with Disabilities and you’ll begin to see what I mean.

These are a few of several examples woven throughout the newsletter. It takes diligent, detailed steps, led and supported by brilliant and experienced minds and advanced technological capabilities, to help fulfil our commitment to you and your family. The nuts and bolts of every day—that’s how we help you get from here to wherever you want the future to go.

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