Preparing for the Path Ahead

Fall is a good time to raise changes - regarding your situation, tax considerations, gifting decisions or plans for 2019 - with your advisor. See how life’s changing paths are reflected in this edition of Perspective.

09.30.2018 - Duane W. Green, President, Chief Executive Officer

Preparing for the Path Ahead

We’re into the thick of fall now. The slower days of summer are long past, replaced with busier schedules, long-standing commitments, and new adventures big and small. We know the distance between now and the new year is short. That’s why I encourage you and your family to pause and consider any changes—in your situation, gifting decisions, tax considerations, or plans for 2019—with your advisor(s). Life’s paths, whether on a personal or broader scale, inevitably change.

In this edition, for instance, read Ian Riach’s market commentary, Going Their Separate Ways, where growing evidence shows the world’s markets and economies continue to head down disparate paths, punctuated by the United States’ ongoing strength. Ian shares his thoughts on this 2018 trend and potential themes ahead.

We recently added global bonds to the asset mix of our model portfolios and want you to be aware of why. Ian outlines the strategic and tactical opportunities behind this decision in Global Bonds Now Part of the Mix.

In our RoundTable, Choosing Canada, Les Stelmach and Timothy Caulfield talk about the twists and turns of selecting domestic equities in the current environment. They reveal pockets of opportunity and raise flags of caution in the face of market exuberance.

This season brings bittersweet rituals like closing up the cottage for winter. With yet another summer gone, there’s a good chance the cottage conundrum lingers for a lot of families. Thomas Junkin helps answer, What Do We Do About the Cottage? He highlights options that can lead to thoughtful, satisfying plans.

As your winter preparations progress, remember we’re here to help smooth your path along the way.

Duane Green

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