Opening Day!

Turning a lifelong passion into a new venture is exciting. We highlight how to prudently protect what you’ve already achieved while launching a thriving startup.

04.14.2017 - Megan Deborah Proud, Private Wealth Counsellor

Opening Day!

Maybe you’ve dreamed of starting a business that reflects what you truly want to do versus what you have to do. A business driven to success by your passion—whether it’s a restaurant, microbrewery, art gallery or winery. Perhaps it captures your energy and imagination later in life, or stirs after a few months of retirement.

The excitement and demands of setting out on a new venture can easily skew one’s judgment. That’s why we recommend stepping back to assess the potential impact of the new business on your relationships, retirement and estate plans.



Megan Deborah Proud, Private Wealth Counsellor


Building a Better Platform

04.14.2017 FTC Investor Services Inc.

In today’s business world, the race to create better digital platforms and generate value for all involved is heating up. We take a closer look at how this trend is unfolding.



Powering the Future

04.01.2017 Kevin McLachlan, Vice President, Portfolio Manager

Batteries are indispensible in today’s world. They’re also expected to play a leading role in the “next big thing.” Get a glimpse of the developments underway.