Investing in Summer

Wishing you the time this season to pause, reflect, plan and celebrate. See how we’re doing all four in this edition of Perspective.

07.24.2019 - Duane W. Green, President, Chief Executive Officer

Investing in Summer

By Duane W. Green,
President, Chief Executive Officer

Summer—it’s the season of long meandering days, cherished gatherings and welcomed getaways. These are the months when we find ways to slow the speed walk of time. Summer gives us permission to pause, reflect, plan and celebrate.

Similarly in this Perspective, we take stock at the midpoint of 2019. For instance, in The Prevailing Winds of Politics, Ian Riach shares his views on investing amid the noise and influence of political macro themes.

There’s no denying their role in this bull market cycle and they’re centre-stage in our RoundTable, US Tech Stocks: Seeing Beyond the Obvious. From their vantage point in San Mateo, California, Matthew Moberg and Jonathan Curtis dive into this complex sector. The Fourth Industrial Revolution and bottom-up opportunities are all part of the conversation.

We focus on planning. Giles Marshall, for example, talks about overcoming the natural home country bias that can influence investor thinking. Read Seeing the World for insight on our approach to this real concern.

In Stickhandling Sudden Wealth, Thomas Junkin, David Cieslowski and Vincent Tonietto highlight the bright-light realities and considerations facing young NHL players. Similar themes echo through our experience in working with clients who, through business or inheritance, unexpectedly find themselves living with wealth’s opportunities and responsibilities.

Summer is also a good time to pause and celebrate. For instance, this is the second, consecutive year that Wealth Professional Canada has recognized Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Vincent Tonietto. We congratulate him on being a finalist for The BlackRock Award for Portfolio/Discretionary Manager of the Year.

As you know, Fiduciary Trust Canada’s money management capabilities are backed by the strength and expertise of global investment leader, Franklin Templeton Investments. We’re pleased to say 2019 marks the company’s 65th year in Canada.

You’re critical to all of our achievements. We thank you for your business and appreciate the opportunity to help your family and you achieve your goals. We hope you’ll take this season to consider new developments in your world or any questions you may have. Then, plan to meet with your advisor this fall, or sooner as needs arise.

In the meantime, from all of us, enjoy the best of summer and safe travels wherever they may take you.




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