Building a Better Platform

In today’s business world, the race to create better digital platforms and generate value for all involved is heating up. We take a closer look at how this trend is unfolding.

04.14.2017 - FTC Investor Services Inc.

Building a Better Platform

In the ever-changing business world, the race among competitors to build better digital platforms is heating up. The traditional model—where companies thrive or die on the financial success of self-built newer, faster, cheaper, brighter products—remains in play. However, look at a significant number of the world’s biggest companies (by market capitalization) and they’re digital platform firms. Think Apple Inc., Inc. and Facebook.

Such companies allow other businesses to easily link with them and to create products and services on their “stages.” The resulting combination generates value for both sides.

Take Apple Inc. as an example. It first changed the world with its computers, and new products still drive performance. However, with its 2003 launch of the iTunes Store, Apple added another revenue stream, without owning or initially producing musical content1. Think of the App Store on every iPhone or iPad and the additional value its millions of choices have created for Apple and various app developers since its launch in 2008.



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04.14.2017 Fiduciary Trust Canada

Montreal-based, Vincent Tonietto, joins Fiduciary Trust Canada as Vice President and Portfolio Manager (pending regulatory approval). David Cieslowski, Private Wealth Counsellor, receives a University of Toronto Arbor award recognizing his work with Rotman Commerce students.

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