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As discretionary investment managers, Fiduciary Trust Company of Canada's clients delegate the daily handling of their portfolio(s) to us, confident in our approach and track record. To begin answering your criteria, here are the basics of how we manage money. We:

  • Believe managing risk and preserving capital is as important as growing your investments.
  • Believe access to global resources and opportunities is critical. As an independent member of the Franklin Templeton Investments family, we leverage the global resources and proprietary research of an investment management network spanning over 30 countries and involving more than 500 investment professionals.
  • Construct balanced portfolios, diversified by geography, market capitalization and sector.
  • Add value by active management—adjusting portfolio exposure to exploit relative valuation differences among various investments.
  • Manage for maximum tax efficiency where possible.
  • Invest on behalf of individuals, families, trusts, foundations and endowments.
  • Can seamlessly integrate your investments with your wealth transfer plans.
  • Believe that quarterly statements should provide a clear picture of your investments, helping you hold us accountable; fees should be transparent; and opening an account should be a smooth, efficient process. These are examples of What to Expect from us.
  • Appreciate there are times when you may want to invest directly using the services of our subsidiary, FTC Investor Services Inc.

We invite you to explore how we build portfolios and manage risk to meet your long-term needs.

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